The Gambia
It is a small country, up to 45 kilometers wide and 480 kilometers long total (10,700 sqm), located in West Africa. There are approximately 2 million people. The official language is English, but between the people themselves are different African languages. The country is trapped in Senegal, which is French languages. Only in the west there is a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean.

Het land Gambia, West Afrika

The Gambia, West Africa

Piece of history
Gambia is a past political artificially created country, linked to the Gambia River and slavery. The trade, which mainly along and across the great river happening, it was economically a very important river for all trading countries. Wars are conducted to the river, especially between the English and the French. The benefits did not benefit the country. The proceeds of the trade went to the countries, which drove the market. After the abolition of slavery, the Gambia was a colony of Great Britain. Then there are huge peanuts plantations established. After the colonial period it was impossible for local people to manage these plantations and keep profitable. The lack of knowledge and skills.

Gambia now
The income of the country comes mainly from tourism. Most tourists come for the beautiful sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The local population lives mainly on fishing and agriculture, all very small scale. There is a lot of unemployment because there is little industry in the country. Bartering is common. If people have jobs, they earn about 1,200 Dalasis. € 1, - is now about 39 Dalasis. The Gambians is expected that, as family forms a social network. That is, that they take care of those who have no income. This puts a heavy burden on those who do work, as someone wrote, who works there

Our watchman (guardian of our compound) says, for example: "I want a bank account. If I keep money in the bank and my brother comes asking for money, I can say that I have not. If I have money in my pocket, I can not say that. "He's now our compound owners (Dutch) arranged so that they half his salary to save for him. He himself can not. This will not apply to all Gambians and I do not know if something similar happened with money that was meant for the clinic, but it is something that is common here.